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From my 16th birthday
messy hair
"Get sleep, eat sushi, and take naps as needed."

- tips for living longer from the world’s oldest person (via jeou)

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Somewhere in Arizona
Anonymous: I think you're going places. I think you're going to go far in life. You see hidden things, you feel things. You have blue waterfalls in you that burst out of your skin when you smile. I think you have hope in your dark curls and passion in your red lips. Look at the clouds, because they're not so different from you. They're beautiful. They can turn into anything they want to at any time. They are free and they are going places. Don't forget that you're free, and you are rising to great heights.

Wowie this is such a sweet message! Ahah your so poetic thankss so much xx

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♛Lady M♛~ sophiaxxkyvele

#Totewell Contest: Show us where you’re taking your favorite tote or what you’re stashing in it by uploading an image to Instagram with hashtag #totewell for a chance to win one of three $1,000 Madewell shopping sprees. You have till May 19th, but don’t dillydally. You can enter up to three photos a day. (More=more.) 
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She is gorgeous omg

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